Jo Shaw Photography | About
Joanna Shaw (aka Jo Shaw) grew up in Southeast Alaska. After graduating from high school in Haines, Alaska, she moved to Utah to go to college and to hike and bike around the canyons and red rock there, mostly because it was the complete opposite of Southeast Alaska. She migrated to Missoula, Montana, which became her home base for seven years, and where she graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Liberal Arts (History, literature, art). Then she headed back to Alaska, for her Masters of Arts in Teaching, and taught for a few years in some really cool Alaska towns. She retired at the young age of 29 to be with her new son full-time and to pursue her second career in photography.

Jo got her first SLR camera at the age of 17, and spent much of her senior year of high school developing film in the school's darkroom, and working on the school yearbook. She continued to study and practice photography through collage and beyond, and dove into focusing on child and family photography when her first son was born in 2006. She studied and took classes obsessively and opened her photography business, Jo Shaw Photography, in 2012.  She continues to keep up with all the latest in photography, and works tirelessly to give her clients the best service and quality.   

When she's not making pictures, Jo substitutes at the Soldotna schools and plays outside with her family doing all kinds of sports and activities. She also loves crafting, cooking, and eating. Her favorite expresso drink is an americano with cream and sugar, and she drinks far too many of them.