Jo Shaw Photography | How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot

How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot


Your photo session is about you, so dress for how you want to look in your pictures.  Do you want to look dressed up and glamorous, or casual and fun?  Bring what you feel comfortable in, and what you feel comfortable displaying or giving to family members.  Do a "What to Wear" search on Google for ideas, or look at your favorite clothing store websites for colors that coordinate. 

Parents:  Do whatever it takes to keep your child in a happy/fun mood, with the exception of feeding them sugar before the session.  Bring them fed, rested, and in good spirits.  Plan your photo shoot around your child's best focus time, when they are not going to be tired or hungry. Tell them they are going to do something fun, and plan to treat them afterward.  We want their session, or your family session to be stress-free!

Groups:  Wear clothing in the same color scheme, but not necessarily matching colors.  Everyone wear neutrals, for example.

General Clothing Rules: Wear solid colors, with no logos or big patterns and stripes.  Dress up or be casual, it's up to you!  A splash of color in winter environments looks nice, like a red scarf or purple sweater.  In the summer, bright colors help you stand out. In the fall and spring, neutral colors look nice and blend well with backgrounds.  See the following pinterest board for ideas


Again, try to keep everyone in good spirits and avoid getting stressed out while getting ready.  We like to keep things casual and fun, so that's what you see in your pictures!

Thanks and have fun getting ready!